Traffic Bollards, Parking Curbs, Driveway Curbs & Parking Barriers

Commercial  Industrial  Parking-lots
  • Hot asphalt repairs         
  • Asphalt sealing
  • Line marking
  • Catch basin rebuilding
  • Bollard installation
  • Rubberized crackfiller
  • Concrete
  •  repairs
  • Speed bumps
  • Wheel chair ramps
  • Paving

Residential Driveways
  • Hot asphalt repairs
  • Asphalt sealing
  • Slurry sealing
  • Rubber ized crack-filler
  • Ramps
  • Found ation coating
Residential Brick Concrete  Stone
  • Interlock pavers
  • Flagstone
  • Garden walls
  • Concrete repairs
  • Concrete coloured coatings
  • Stone clear- sealers
  • Parging
  • Tuck pointing
  • Power washing
Traffic Bollards

      Originally bollards where large  posts used to tie off boats or ships. Parking lot bollards or traffic bollards are a variety of styles of posts to protect a structure or stop vehicular traffic. Used extensively around industrial factories. There are 100's of types of bollards, especially in Europe. There are hydraulic bollards that come out of the ground for security or time related issues or anti terrorist ones. Spring loaded bollards that fold up & down that can be used to lock a parking space. Flexible bollards that are break resistant & deter not stop. There are surface mounted bollards for installation on concrete parking slab structures or sidewalks. Some are ornamental iron, chromed, & lighted bollards. There are precast concrete & stone architectural styles. There are plastic sleeves "bollard covers" that slip over top of the standard steel bollard that can be monogrammed. And the most common, the simple steel cylinder submerged in the ground. We can modify the design of the bollard to include a chain that joins the bollards to act as a gate or a fence (See below). Also consider other traffic barriers options, precast concrete planters available in weights from 1/4 -2 T. Also mobile water filled containers & landscaping boulders.We can design engineer & install the right adaption for you.

# 1 Traffic bollards
(Standard steel utility style submerged in ground)


      2008 Price list includes: Utility locates, saw-cutting asphalt, auguring hole, supply & install metal pole, concrete back filling, laying new asphalt, painting pipe with traffic paint, air-sweeping work area, barricades & traffic control, doing work on evenings & weekends or off peak hours when possible. Surface mount bollards are less expensive.


      We can provide DISCOUNTS on larger volume depending on the time of the year.


There are other types of bollards as well, see below this chart.
  Description   Qnty.   Dia.   Cost
  Set up min. ( 1st. post only ) *     $  300.00
  Per post charge         $  200.00
  Per inch charge       $    50.00
    1   4"     $  700.00
  Add $400.00 per bollard   2     $1,100.00
    3       $1,500.00
    1   6" $  800.00
  Add $500.00 per bollard   2     $1,300.00
    3     $1,800.00
    1   8"   $900.00
  Add $600.00 per bollard   2     $1,500.00
    3     $2,100.00
    1   10"   $1,000.00
  Add $700.00 per bollard   2     $1,700.00
    3     $2,400.00
    1   12"   $1,100.00
  Add $800.00 per bollard   2     $1,900.00
    3     $2,700.00



Precast Concrete Parking Curbs

   We can supply & install parking curbs in a variety of sizes & weights. We can dispose of any old broken parking curbs & air-sweep the parking area. Then we measure & chalk line the measurements for placement of the new parking curbs.  The parking curbs are anchored to the asphalt using re-bar pins. The heavier parking curbs are more durable. But the height of the parking curb may be of concern for lower vehicles. The parking curbs come in 4 sizes. The smallest parking curb would be adequate for  residential use. The largest parking curb would be for an extra heavy duty industrial  situation. And the 450 - 750 lbs curbs are typical commercial parking curbs.

Precast Concrete Driveway Curbs

   We can supply & install precast driveway curbs that are available in a variety of colours to match various interlocking stone. They come in 40" lengths. Used commonly as an edging on the sides of asphalt driveways.


Precast Concrete Parking Barriers

   We can supply & install parking barriers that have removable metal pole barriers or chain. They are easy to move with a forklift & are versatile for modular parking situations that need adjusting.